The Prestonian Lecture for 2012

Scouting and Freemasonry:
two parallel organisations?





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Welcome to the website for the Prestonian Lecture for 2012

On the nomination of the Board of General Purposes, the Trustees of the Prestonian Fund appointed W.Bro. A.D.G. Harvey to be the Prestonian Lecturer for 2012. The title of his lecture is " Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?".

The Board emphasised the importance of these, the only Lectures held under the authority of the Grand Lodge. The Lectureship is a memorial to William Preston (1742-1818) the foremost Masonic educator of his age, who left a legacy to Grand Lodge to provide for an Annual Lectureship.

The Lectureship runs for one calendar year. The Lecturer must choose some aspect of Freemasonry which is not controversial but will educate and entertain a general Lodge audience.


The Board awarded the following Lodges the privilege of hosting an official delivery of the Prestonian Lecture during 2012:

Authors' Lodge No 3456, London
North Notts Masters Lodge No 9525, Nottinghamshire
Humber Installed Masters' Lodge No 2494, Yorkshire North and East Ridings

In addition, as with all Prestonian Lecturers, Bro. Harvey delivered further unofficial deliveries of the Lecture to Lodges and Masonic Associations during 2012 and has continued to do so since. Lodges that wish to host an unofficial delivery of the Prestonian Lecture for 2012 may contact Bro. Harvey through the Grand Secretaries office or through this website, which will also provide further details of the Lecture.

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The next lecture will be at: Wheatsheaf Lodge
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